Durable E-TPU dog ball


The perfect dog ball.


E-TPU material is a type of elastomer which has been designed by German chemists BASF in conjunction with AIT (ADIDAS innovation team). It is known for its high elasticity, flexibility & durability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
It is becoming increasingly popular in the production of footwear, automotive parts and sporting equipment.
So being very durable it makes a perfect dog ball, Its main benefits are:
  • excellent elasticity making it bite resistant so less likely to be a choking hazard like tennis balls and rubber balls which break apart easily
  • It is non toxic, food grade and durable
  • lightweight, soft and floats on water
  • easy to clean, odourless, long lasting
  • suitable for hard chewers

Small 6.5cm diameter
Large 7.5cm diameter

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